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Mateusz Chechliński

Team by Appotype

Team by Appotype

Team by Appotype is a portal that is revolutionizing the way companies recruit IT professionals. Recruitment and body leasing were brought together and packaged in an intuitive web portal.

Palygrounds & Pitches

Playgrounds & Pitches

Wireless Value develops, manufactures, and sells products that enable sensor measurement values to be transmitted wirelessly to locations where further processing and monitoring can take place.

Body leasing

Body leasing

Add skilled technical resources to your in-house development team. Learn how body leasing can help your organisation.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team

Make us fully responsible for your product with our dedicated team, but be a part of it with our transparent software development process.

Quality Management

Quality management

The requirements for medical devices are much higher than for any other device. Learn how Appotype can help you with quality management.

Market Research

Market research

Get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Use our comprehensive market research to develop your own strategy to edge out your competitors.

Medical databases

Medical databases

Purchase one of our existing medical databases for artificial intelligence training, or use our extensive network of medical partners to collect data tailored to your own needs.