Mobile app development


We can implement for you a separate app for iOS and Android, written in a native code. They will be similar, yet each of them will follow certain principles specific for their platform, giving their users the most natural look & feel.

Native apps are highly optimised in terms of computing performance and energy efficiency. They also give access to some platform-specific features. Our iOS apps are written in Swift, a powerful and intuitive programming language. And our Android apps are written in Kotlin, modern, concise and safe programming language.

If you choose native apps, we will still try to help you reduce the size of a code base and development costs by putting "business logic" into a shared, cross-platform module written in Kotlin Multiplatform.

Native app development

...or cross-platform

Apps written in cross-platform programming languages and frameworks can be delievered faster and at lower cost. They have almost identical user interface on every platform, but still can make use of some platform-specific features, like "swipe to go back" gesture.

Cross-platform toolkit of our choice is Flutter, designed for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.

If you choose a cross-platform app, we can still make use of platform-specific features by providing small modules written in Swift or Kotlin.

Cross-platform app development
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What we use for our mobile app development.


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