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Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

In a nutshell, Scrum requires a Scrum Master to foster an environment where:
  • 1. A Product Owner orders the work for a complex problem into a Product Backlog.
  • 2. The Scrum Team turns a selection of the work into an Increment of value during a Sprint.
  • 3. The Scrum Team and its stakeholders inspect the results and adjust for the next Sprint.
  • 4. Repeat
  • In Scrum, software development process in divided into so called "sprints". Each sprint in Appotype lasts 2 weeks and at the end of it there is a Review, during which the progress is being presented to everyone willing to attend.

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We believe transparency is a key factor when developing software for our clients. That's why we want to cooperate with you very closely at every stage.

We will invite your representative to become a part of our team, serving as a Product Owner. A product owner is a role on a Scrum team that is responsible for the project's outcome. The product owner seeks to maximize a product's value by managing and optimizing the product backlog.

You will also be granted acces to our internal communication channels, Kanban boards and virtual meeting rooms to make sure that you always know at what stage the project is.

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Team composition

Each team is composed to best fit your needs, but typically it consist of:

  • - Product Owner (usually your representative)
  • - Mobile Developer
  • - Backend Developer
  • - Quality Assurance Specialist
  • - UI/UX Designer
  • - Scrum Master

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Team composition

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